Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomic Workstation Analysis is an on-site assessment at the computer workstation that identifies issues that may be causing discomfort and decreasing productivity. Solutions can be immediately implemented to eliminate issues. A comprehensive report including recommendations for equipment, work site modification, and changes in worker practices is provided.

Industrial Ergonomics

Industrial Ergonomics identifies those job hazards and ergonomic issues that increase worker risk of developing work related musculoskeletal injuries. Our professional team measures and analyzes these risks using NIOSH and OSHA recommended methodologies. Practical, easy to implement low cost solutions are provided. Oil Fields, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Agriculture, and Logistics are just a few of the many job sites in which we have provided functional solutions.

Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analysis is the building block on which functional testing programs receive their legal footing. Quantifying the physical demands of the essential job tasks determines the design of the test including components and cut scores. Documentation of weights, forces, movements, and postures that are required to perform the essential job tasks ensures reliable and valid testing.