Functional Capacity & Physical Abilities Testing

Match Worker Physical Capability & Physical Demands of Work

Functional Ergonomics Functional Capacity and Physical Abilities Testing have been shown to reduce work related injuries and increase workplace productivity.

Safe, legally compliant, job related,  objective testing protocols are designed to determine workers' ability to safely perform the physical demands required to perform essential job functions. 

Testing protocols generally measure:

  • Dynamic lifting and carrying
  • Push and pull forces 
  • Functional mobiilty
  • Postural tolerance
  • Aerobic capacity

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Matching the physical capabilities of prospective employees to 

  • Determine whether prospective employees can safely perform the physical demands of the essential job functions
  • Performed following a conditional job offer
  • Reduce the number of work related injuries that result from a mismatch of work capacity and job demands.

Fitness for Duty Functional Capacity Evaluation

  • Designed for workers returning to work from a non-work-related injury, illness, or prolonged absence.
  • Incumbent workers at regular intervals for physically demanding jobs to ensure continued safe performance
  • Incumbent workers

Comprehensive Post-Injury Functional Capacity Evaluation

  • Used for employees who have had a work-related injury
  • Determines if worker can return to regular duty
  • Rehabilitation program progress
  • Identify behaviors that are consistent with symptom magnification or malingering